Hi there! I'm Mike Tosetto, a Motion Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love to create animation, 3D and videos.

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Mike Tosetto

I believe that the combination of moving pictures with sound is one of the most powerful ways to evoke emotions.

I currently work at Interbrand in Sydney, a studio obessed with good ideas. Good ideas that come from insightful understanding

I currently work at Interbrand in Sydney as the Senior Motion Designer, a multi-award winning branding agency in Sydney. I feel priveleged to have worked alongside some of the best designers and creative thinkers in my career to date.

Working at Interbrand has taught me about the power of big ideas. It's taught me about finding a good idea by understanding a brand. And how to execute that idea successfully

Please check out my showreel and featured work to the left for a sample of my motion design style.

I like to balance commercial work with self-initiated projects to challenge myself and keep things fresh. I'm always interested in hearing about any exciting, upcoming projects.

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An efficient workflow is essential as a motion designer. Many different pieces of software are often used to take a project from start to end.

Below is an outline of the tools I most heavily rely on.



I created an After Effects tutorial for Digital Tutors Creative Development series. Read about it via the link below.

Digital Tutors Geometrica tutorial project

'Dragon Clan' was a collaboration I was proud to be a part of. Learn more about it via the link below.

Dragon Clan project

I'm the motion designer for Bestia, a creative, 3 man collective for animation and video projects.

Bestia Collective

Modifi is my music (techno ⁄ didjeridoo) project and has taken me to some awesome places over the years.



Clients and collaborators I've worked with have had some very nice things to say about my motion design. Check out my recommendations via the link below.

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These videos are some of my personal and self-initiated motion projects.


This is some of my commercial work. View the video for details of each project.

  • Video IGLOO
  • Identity animation

Stings and Idents

Here are some stings, idents and short animations that I've worked on.

Video Bookworld Video The Botanist Video This City Speaks Video The Great Blandini Video The Poster Collective Video Art Month

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April 2014


AGDA are the Australian Graphic Design Association, the representative body of Australia's creative industry. I was honoured to be given the opportunity at Interbrand to be part of AGDA’s transformation, and help implement the biggest change the organisation has seen in 20 years. We worked tirelessly to create a platform to take AGDA into the future and show the world what Australian design can do.

Our brief was to change the perception and feeling around AGDA. From an association perceived as behind, corporate and closed off. To one fully open to new technology, new opportunities, new ideas and new members. As well as open to new disciplines such as digital design, motion design, writing for design and branding.

This rebrand is much more than a new logo, identity, or website, we're talking about a fundamentally 'new AGDA'. The new structure means that AGDA can finally do what it's really here for – to support, connect, educate; and show the world what Australian design can do!

I had a lot of fun working on the video to support the launch of the new AGDA and help explain the changes. A special thank you goes out to Rumble Studios, who created an original score for the video along with the awesome sound design. Watch the video on Vimeo.

Check out the full case study for this project on Interbrand Australia's website.

As a designer myself, this was possibly the most important project I've worked on to date. Big shout out to the awesome team I had the pleasure of working with - Mike Rigby, Ben Miles and Jo Roca for making the many late nights so much fun.

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I've been fortunate to work on a diverse range of brands as the Senior Motion Designer at Interbrand, along with my own freelance and self-initiated projects. Here is a selection of brands I've worked on from Telstra, the largest Telco in Australia, to FBI Radio, a community radio station, and everything in between.

Brands I've worked on